Our agency-centric project management software is designed to improve your overall operational efficiency. We streamline all aspects of your agency’s workflow: New Business, Creative/Production, Media, Accounting and Analytics.
Built for the cloud, Nexelus gives each member of your team instant access to mission critical tools, documents and reminders through a personalized dashboard.
What’s more, Nexelus integrates with industry leading platforms including Strata for traditional media and Oracle, SAP, and MS Dynamics for accounting functions.

New Business

Growing your business and your profits means making sure there’s new business in the pipe. Nexelus provides your team with key tools to help you win.


  • Create accurate project estimates based on cost allocations and time requirements.
  • Use templates to create standardized SOWs
  • Track open jobs and current status
  • Determine resource availability through MS Exchange calendar integration

Your team of creatives, producers and all-purpose doers need to be synchronized. Stay ahead of schedule with these tools.


  • Create budgets and schedules
  • Define deliverables and milestones
  • Assign resources and plan capacity
  • Track real-time actual vs. budgets job time and expenses
  • Customize email alerts and dashboard notifications
TV & Radio

Placing ad buys can be a messy process. Thanks to our integration with Strata and Smart Plus, your planner’s lives just became a lot easier. Here’s how:


  • Place ad buys through St rata and Smart Plus
  • Reconcile vendor invoices
  • Generate client invoices based on media orders

Reconciliations are no fun, everyone knows that. Nexelus is designed to bring your agency workflow in-line with your accounting practices.


  • Create client billings based on actual time and expenses
  • Manage and approve vendor purchase orders and payables
  • GAAP compliant revenue recognition
  • Book cost accruals, WIP and overhead allocations
  • Manage client and project P&L
  • Seamless integration with G/L back-office accounting packages (Oracle, SAP, MS Dynamics, Quickbooks)

They say that if it can’t be measured then it doesn’t exist. Our reporting tools help you analyze your agency’s data so you get the most from each of your resources.


  • Web based dashboard analyics
  • Generate real-time standard reports
  • Create ad-hoc reports
  • Role based access

Nexelus: Operations Software for Digital Agencies.

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